Tips for Back-to-School Week

Families enjoy the first day of school

​​​​​​​​​Back-to-school time can be an exciting time for families. These are some of our best tips to help ensure this school year gets off to a great start!

1) Visit the school and introduce yourself to your child's teachers.

Check with your school about student orientations and meet-the-teacher events. Mark your calenda​r and make introductions with the caring educators. Be sure to ask them about the preferred method of communication. (Some teachers are active on email, while others prefer the phone or in-person meetings.)

2) Set up a special place at home to do school work and homework.

Find a quiet and consistent place at home where your child can complete his or her homework. If your child is having difficulty with homework, talk with your teacher sooner rather than later.​

​3) Limit the time that you let your child watch TV.

When you do decide to do TV time, make it a family affair. Talk together about what you see and ask questions after the show ends.

4) Get everyone to bed on time.

During the summer, children aren't always on a schedule, which is understandable. But, proper rest is essential for a healthy and productive school year. Help your kids get back on track sleep-wise by having them go to bed earlier and wake up earlier at least a week in advance of when school actually starts.

5) Make healthy meals.

Let’s face it – no one can concentrate when they’re hungry. Studies show that children who eat healthy, balanced breakfasts and lunches do better in school. Fix nutritious meals at home, and, if you need extra help, find out if your family qualifies for any child nutrition programs, like the ​National School Lunch Program.​

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