The Evidence Is In!

​​​​​​​​​​​Did you know? Parents of high-achieving students are active participants in schools and education.

  • Who:  When parents come to school regularly, it reinforces the view in the child's mind that school and home are connected and that school is an integral part of the whole family's life.

  • When: The earlier parents are involved in their child's education, the more powerful the effects in their learning.

  • Why: Decades of research show that when parents are involved, students have the following: 
    » Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates
    » Better school attendance and self-esteem
    » Increased motivation
    » Lower rates of suspension 
    » Decreased use of drugs and alcohol

Family participation in education was twice as predictive of students' academic success as family socioeconomic status. The more parents participate in schooling, in a sustained way, at every level—the better for student achievement.

According to the National Education Association​, becoming active in a school’s parent group is an important way to increase involvement. Involvement also encompasses:

  • ​​Setting goals with children and fostering achievement of those goals.

  • Accessing and using children’s academic scores to ensure they’re on track.

  • Developing a relationship with children’s teachers and keeping in touch with them often.

The most significant type of involvement is what parents do at home. By monitoring, supporting and advocating, parents can be engaged in ways that ensure that their children have every opportunity for success.

Kary Bachert, a Rockwood parents, notes that Rockwood's Presidents' Forum​, a group of parent leaders who work together to help kids thrive at home and at school.​​ "When parents are involved in their child's school, they are providing a fantastic example of modeling the importance of education. It can be as simple as donating supplies to a classroom for a project. By doing this simple gesture, parents are modeling that they support the school and what is going on inside those four walls. Being involved also helps create a sense of community between students, staff and parents. In a rapidly changing world, it is so important for children to have many champions."

Angie Ortinau shared that ​​"Growing kids into successful adults is a team effort, and I want my children to know that I consider the leaders in their schools to be a valuable part of our family's team. Parents can be involved regardless of their daytime availability. By supporting a fundraiser, sending Kleenex, or just thoroughly reading weekly emails, we can communicate to our kids that their education is important because it's where we invest our time, energy and attention."