Safety in Rockwood Schools

​​​​​​​​​​Each Rockwood school has a visitor management system. The system documents all guests who enter the school building. It ensures visitors designate a purpose for the visit, and then provides a visitor name badge so staff members can identify these individuals in the school.

What happens when visitors arrive at our school?

  • Visitors will be asked to provide a driver's license when they arrive at the school check-in center.

  • Our school attendant will verify the license and check the visitor into the school.

  • When the visitor has been verified, the system will create a customized badge that includes the name, date, time and destination in the building.

  • Then, the visitor will wear this badge while in the building, allowing for easy identification of all guests.​

Guardian systems for middle and high school students.

  • Students who arrive to school late will check-in on the visitor system.

  • Teachers receive an email notification as students move throughout the school - such as going to the library.

  • ​Students may use their Student ID card to scan in and verify their attendance. If they do not have their card, they can manually input their ID number.

Learn more about school security procedures.

Providing a safe, secure school is always a priority for our schools. Rockwood will continue to use the following safety practices:

  • Door-access technology requires visitors to buzz-in to the school office before entering the school.

  • Security cameras monitor the building and parking lots.

  • School resource officers patrol our buildings and campuses.

  • All exterior doors are locked.

  • All visitors wear identification badges.​