Rockwood Tipline

​​​​In Rockwood, we encourage students, parents, and residents to report safety and security issues and to feel assured that their information will be evaluated, responded to and held in the strictest confidence.

The online Rockwood Tipline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to anyone wishing to report any information. All reports and calls are handled confidentially.  ​


Categories on the Tipline include: Bullying, Drugs and Alcohol, General Information, Personal Crisis, Safety Risk and Vandalism. Messages can be anonymous, or users can identify themselves to receive a response to their concern.​

This Tipline allows students, parents and community members to send messages to their school principal, a school resource officer, guidance counselor and Rockwood's Executive Director of Student Services.

​This Tipline is part of Rockwood's safety efforts that include both prevention and response. All Rockwood schools have safety plans that include visitor buzz-in systems, school drills and check-in procedures.​