Keeping Safe in Cold Temperatures

​​When the National Weather Service reports temperatures are expected to drop, Rockwood takes extra precautions and we always ask our families to consider extra precautions as well. 

Wind Chill: What's the difference in the forecast?

The National Weather Service (NWS) issues different levels of wind chills:

  • ​Advisory: Be Aware – The NWS issues an "advisory" when potential wind chills could be as low as -15 degrees with actual temperatures hovering around zero. In these conditions, the experts at the NWS advise us to dress appropriately, and they suggest it is possible for frost bite to occur on exposed skin after 30 minutes. In our region, it is possible to have many winter days with these conditions. 

  • Warning: Take Action – The NWS issues a "warning" when dangerously cold wind chills are expected or occurring. When the NWS issues a wind chill warning, the potential time when frost bite can occur is cut in half. ​

Note: Typically, school closures occur when wind chill warnings are issued. 

​Extra Precautions for Schools

Be assured, Rockwood will continue to monitor the temperatures and wind chill index in case we need to make any further adjustments.

  • Buses:  Rockwood buses will be heated overnight to ensure the buses arrive at your child's bus stop on time. We want to make sure the engines start and heaters work so your child has a warm ride to school.

  • ​Schools: The thermostats at our school buildings are programmed to ensure pipes do not freeze and classrooms are ready for students.

  • Recess: When children arrive at school, we'll keep them inside. We make sure to keep students indoors for recesses and physical education classes when temperatures/wind chill are below 20 degrees.

Considerations for Families

Parents, there are a few things for families to consider as they prepare for the upcoming cold temperatures.

  • Dress Appropriately: Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for these temperatures and that they cover exposed skin while outdoors.

  • ​​Check Neighborhood Bus Stops: If your child walks to school, it's a good idea to make arrangements for a ride when the weather is so cold. Also, check your neighborhood bus stops. You may need to wait with your child in the car until the school bus arrives.​