Helping Your Child Prepare for Online Learning Success

Parents in our community will also be a vital part of helping Rockwood students learn at home.
​​Rockwood School District students will start the 2020-2021 school year in Rockwood Online coursework. Rockwood Online differs significantly from the Alternative Learning Plan that was adopted in March 2020 as a result of emergency school closures.

More than 250 Rockwood teachers underw​ent training and worked over the summer to build quality, interactive, engaging online lessons. Beginning the year with all students learning through Rockwood Online affords the opportunity to provide live instruction with teachers on all five days of the school week.

Rockwood teachers and staff members will do everything we can to help your students be successful in an online learning environment. Parents in our community will also be a vital part of this equation.

Here, from CNN Health, are seven tips on how parents can help make their homes into conducive online learning environments for their children:

  • ​​Organize your space: You can empower kids to create individualized workspaces free of clutter and distraction using tools such as paper bins, cord keepers, shelves for notebooks and cups for loose markers and crayons.​ Give kids with the tools and the space, then give them autonomy to arrange things the way they see fit.
  • ​Maintain a schedule: ​Posting daily schedules in a prominent place gives students a frequent reminder of ​what is on the docket each day. You can use Rockwood's daily grade-level schedule examples as a starting point.
  • Designate a learning area: ​Make sure students have a dedicated space to learn within their house, whether it be in their rooms or in a portion of a common area.
  • Keep communicating with teachers: Rockwood teachers are committed to working with students and families to find the best ways to reach each learner. Collaborate with your child's teachers on their preferred method of contact if you have questions or want to bounce ideas off of them.
  • Supplement the curriculum: Students will be learning the entire Rockwood curriculum during this school year. That being said, seek out resources that may help further your child's understanding of topics in which they're especially interested.
  • Get outside: This one's pretty self-explanatory. If the weather's nice, take time during daily lunch periods or free time to encourage your kids to go outside and play.
  • Create a family mission statement: ​Have conversations about what you and your children need to prioritize throughout the virtual learning process: what practices are important to your family and what you would like to focus on doing more.