Five Key School Communication Channels

​​​​​Great communication is at the heart of any great school. In Rockwood, we have a variety of communication channels to keep us connected throughout our school community. 

1. District and School Websites

Our Rockwood websites serve an important purpose in our district. They are the "self-service" portals for news and information.

  • Google calendar: Access all your children's school calendars at once – and then sync the Google calendar with your own Gmail account and smartphone. Simply click the starred "Select Your Calendars" link in the upper-right hand corner of the calendar.  You'll have the option to check the school calendars you'd like to follow.  Each calendar is color-coded to the school, so you can determine locations and events to add to your family calendar.
  • Staff directories: Make online introductions with the faculty and staff contact pages, plus visit grade levels, teams and departments for even more information. 
  • A day in our school: Find principal announcements, lunch menus, bell times, and resources that help parents navigate your important role in the school community.

2. Rockwood Mobile App

The free Rockwood mobile app combines multiple Rockwood systems into one, convenient source on your smartphone. Log in and get real-time access to your child's grades and assignments (secondary), lunch balances, and notifications. Set "alerts" that will let you know when a grade drops or lunch balances are low. Go to Settings and follow your schools to get daily lunch menus, as well as school announcements and social media posts.

3. Infinite Campus

The Campus Portal is part of the district's student information system. P arents can view report cards for students in grades K-5.  Grades, assignments and r eports are available for students in grades 6-12. Parent​s need an Activation Key to establish a Campus account for system access.

4. Notifications and Alerts

Rockwood Connect is our automatic notification system. Parents will receive alerts for school cancellations and critical emergency information. In addition, schools use the Rockwood Connect system as an outreach to share what's happening in the school community. Parents must opt-in to receive text messaging on the system. Here are the two things you need to know.

5. Conversations

Rockwood offers many channels to reach out and connect with families on the go. But the most important communication is personal. It's the phone call with your child's teacher. It's the conversation with the guidance counselor or principal. It's the volunteer time at the school where you meet other students and parents in our Rockwood community. Building relationships within our schools provides opportunities for the most valuable communication – all to help your child and others succeed and achieve.​

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